Welcome to our Web site!

I would like to offer comprehensive information.
It was a real chance the June opening. Walked In an unfortunate accident, hospital, etc.. Since I do most everything myself, then everything stops, and even backlogs occur. Several people were interested at that time it will be opening? Sadly, I can not answer. Due to the unexpected hail restoration works have priority right now.
  What else is left?
Is currently being completed construction of the "Mountain fastness pagoda" . We do this weekend. Roofing, benches, external timber cladding. This is an important prerequisite for the completion of the statue has intervened.
Next week, in front of a narrow rocky shore bollards band we want to establish. Here for years trying to obtain a hull for bits, but to no avail. (Short in cash)
The visitor toilets- women's / men's room sink, hot and cold water line-ups are done. Need to make a bulkhead construction, 2 doors insertion, ventilation, flooring, painting.
Smaller room is ready. The collection shows a greater degree of local contingency of approximately 70% . Desktop for maps, flag’s holding other things manufactured. The work here is still stagnant, it absorbed in the work of park facilities.
The host wine cellar - part of the "welcome" is ready, but my opinion is not sufficiently large so that the drum part I want to convert.
It is planned to finish Ildikó Dancs paintress  "Mikluho Maklaj landing in Papua New Guinea on the island" in wall paintings in early July.